Annual Christmas Partys

The Picnic At Idlewild Park

Battle Born Mopars Deer In The Headlights  A&W May 16, 2015

Tyler Sandwig's 1971Super Bee. Best 70's.

2016- J A Nugget

Club Participation award to Camaro Club.

13th annual Deer in the headlights show May14, 2016

Bruce Covey's 1933 Ford. Best in Show.

Rick Wilborn's 1975 Caprice.  Best engine.

Ken Priest's 1955 Cameo.  People's choice.

Ed DeMichele's 1959 Pontiac. Best 50's.

2014- Gold & Silver Inn

Jake Young's 1968 Coronet RT. Best 60's.

Pat Beardsley's 1969 Road Runner. Best Battle Born Mopar


2013  Bonanza Casino

Mopars On The Green August 7, 2015

Ray Pasch's 1940 Ford.  Best 40's.

Jim Whipple's 1929 Ford.  Best early truck

WAX 'N SHINE  Feb 18, 2016

David McIntosh's 1952 Ford F-1.  Best late truck.

Tracy Gray's 1933 Ford Zipper.  Best 30's.

Mopar Drag Meet   August 29, 2015

Wayne Protrowski"s 2013 Challenger. Best 2000's

Jimmie Thompson's 1992 Civic. Best 80's and 90's.